Results Management

SchoolX helps you to process results faster, easier and in the most flexible way. Result Management was designed and developed after years of careful study of how schools and teachers do termly results, which is extremely cumbersome, and we automated it. So you wouldn't find anything new or strange.

Insert Scores

SchoolX allows you to insert scores easily. All that is required of a subject teacher is to log in and insert scores for a subject and the class assigned to them by the school administrator.

Insert Comments and Psychomotor Skills

SchoolX makes it easy to insert comments and psychomotor skills just the way you have it on your current result template.

Create and Manage Results Template

How your result is presented on paper is never a challenge. You can customize your result template on SchoolX and create different templates for different classes by determining columns on the result table.

Generate Access Code For Parents

SchoolX generates a one-time Access Code for parents to check their wards’ results and can be sent to them via Email, WhatsApp, SMS or printed out. The access codes can be activated and deactivated at the school’s discretion.

Download Termly Result

We are aware that certain schools may still be in the process of switching from analog to digital computing. Hence, you can use the hybrid option on the SchoolX app, which gives you the freedom to download students’ results, print out, and hand them out to parents in person.

Generate Annual Result

Getting annual results is now made so easy on the SchoolX app because it automates and calculates averages of subjects for a period of 3 terms. At the end of the session, you can generate, print termly and annual results.

Automatic Average-Based Promotion

Promotions and Demotions on SchoolX can either be automatic or average-based. Average-based promotion means you can set a mark (Average) for each class and the app does promotion based on that criteria.

Parent Result-Checking Portal

Access codes can be sent to parents via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp, with which they can access their ward’s result on They can view, download and print reports on the portal as well as send feedback to teachers/school administrators.

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